Sunday, February 1, 2009

Multi-Cultural Business Conference Brought To You By Citibank and a $545 Bikini

So many serious little time.
Let's just hope that you were invited to the
Caribbean Multi-Cultural Business Conference
to discuss substantive issues of the day
with leaders from Congress and Wall Street.
And yes...thank you Citibank - aka bailout recipient -
for picking up the check.

So your wardrobe for the meeting
a Stella McCartney bikini of course from Neiman Marcus for a mere $545.
Because let's face it... you have to look your best to discuss
Multi-Cultural business issues!
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WendyB said...

I'll have to pass. I don't look good in ass ruffles.

Belle de Ville said...

$545 for a bikini!
I'm sorry but ruffles or not, Stella Mac just isn't that talented.

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