Saturday, February 14, 2009

Is there A Recession In The Bedroom?

From the BBC
Is sexual desire entering a recession?

Valentine's Day, by tradition, is an opportunity for declarations of love and lust. But will 2009 be different?
Given the economic downturn, is passion too in recession? Or will couples fling themselves into each other's arms to compensate for their inability to spend, spend, spend?

Apparently according to the BBC

The sheer stress of money worries in general, and fear of redundancy in particular will, she argues, elevate levels of the chemical dopamine in the brain - and dopamine is associated with romantic love.
"Times of stress can trigger feelings of attraction - quite simply, you're more susceptible," she said.

Then again

Denise Knowles, Relate sex therapist, said: "Economic uncertainties can cause people to become more anxious - with the added dimension of people trying to get another job, or working longer hours to cover for a partner who has lost theirs.
"In the end, they are simply less likely to want sexual activity at the end of a long day."
In addition, the very anxiety that may be fuelling the initial desire to bond sexually may also sap the ability to experience pleasure.
Self-esteem classically drops during recession, particularly for those who actively lose their jobs.
Equally, respect drops for a partner who is economically less successful.
Then, desire plummets along with the esteem and respect.

Can this be true?

Are these theories contradictory? Does the recession create lust - or sap it? Does a lack of money lead to a raising of desire - or a lowering of sexual action?

Maybe economic woes bring us together but then make us unable to enjoy the fruits of that bonding.

Dr. De Ville advises that we all try to take the focus off of our financial woes and concentrate on the people in our lives that we care about.
Recessions come and go...but life is so very short and as John Maynard Keynes said, in the long run we are all dead. So why not leave recessionary issues out of the bedroom.
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