Friday, February 27, 2009

Gossip Girl - Gem Style

OK, so I'm probably the only one out there who's not a fan of the show Gossip Girl. For some reason the characters on it just make me cringe.
But I am a fan of the online Gossip Girl who writes the Gem Gossip blog....
And, not just because she was nice enough to mention some Beladora estate jewelry in her post
Glitz From The Past

One of the pieces that she wrote about is this pretty strand of cultured pearls.

Sometimes pearl necklaces all look the same to me! However, this pearl necklace is unlike any I’ve seen. The clasp is gorgeous, featuring a diamond and six sapphires. Now, if your necklace is on backwards, it will look better! Price: $535.50

So, if you looking for scoop on which jewelry the celebrities are wearing, Gem Gossip is the blog to read.
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