Thursday, February 19, 2009

Fall RTW 2009 - Mizrahi The Merry Prankster

Isaac Mizrahi is talented designer and an even more talented marketeer.
I've always appreciated his tongue in cheek attitude and sense of humor.
But this collection is a joke....and I'm not in on it.
Are you?

Do these look like clothes that you would purchase during a recession
or any other time, ever?
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Classy-opeia said...

Most of those outfits are hideous, but I simply adore the bag hat. Is it a bagat? A hatag? Whimsical and charming either way.
And, the rest of that particular outfit isn't terrible either. The coat in particular (minus the belt, obvi) is wearable.
Overall though, it would appear that a very sick, possibly flu-ridden, rainbow has had an unfortunate accident all over Mr. Mizrahi's collection.

Anonymous said...

I know what happened. Isaac went apes**t after he left Target and now this is what we get.

Thank goodness for Liz Claiborne though, I like those new looks, and they harken back to the more "wearable" Isaac!

Belle de Ville said...

Isaac is so talented...I just don't know who he thought he was designing for with this collection.
Has he forgotten the first principal of sales "know your client"?

Anonymous said...

I seriously have to believe he is poking fun at the industry. This can't be for real.

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