Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Fall 2009 Ready To Wear - Tempted By Tuleh

This morning I was thinking about Scrimp, Splurge, Deprivation and Abundance
and how painless it would be to cut back on buying new clothes this year
because most of what I see in the 2009 Fall RTW Collections is completely unwearable...
at least it is for me.
Short Skirts, Big Shoulders, Slouchy Silhouettes, etc...
didn't I already wear those clothes in the 1980's?

So far I've only seen a sprinkling of pieces that I would consider buying
and not surprisingly three of them come from one of my favorites, Tuleh.

Portrait Neckline, High Collared Shirt
A Little Edwardian Bespoke Look

Nicely Cut Coat, Not Too Much Pattern

Regal, Timeless, Flattering and Perfect For Serious Jewelry

Tuleh is tremendously expensive, probably because the construction has couture like details. Open up a Tuleh jacket and look at the lining and the stitching....maybe only Chanel RTW has the same quality of craftsmanship.
Tuleh is an investment and as when I invest my time, energy, and affection in another person, I always admire the exterior package but pay true attention to the interior content of character.
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Anonymous said...

bad bad bad, bad trading clothes etc...hehe

Anonymous said...

was not a good show, sad.

Belle de Ville said...

Bad? On one hand I'm sorry to hear that...on the other hand I'm thrilled because now I've just saved thousands of $$ on my fall wardrobe.
It couldn't have been as bad a Miss Sixty though.
Still, I liked the fur hats!

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