Sunday, February 22, 2009

Desperately Seeking Sunshine

As the sky clouds up and another rainstorm in on the way....I'm beginning to feel as though this winter is never going to be over.
It's true that I enjoyed our unusually cold winter and the view of the snow covered mountains from my window...
but I'm over it now and desperately seeking sunshine.

Now if I just could take a week off I would go to the Villa Azul Celeste in Puerto Vallarta.

I would lounge all day by the infinity pool

Enjoying the view of the ocean

In my Michael Kors gold chain bikini from Canyon Beachwear

And enjoy the sunset view with a margarita....or three
until dinner is served by the cook

Since this vacation is all about Mexican Riviera casual
No need to dress up with anything more than this
Debbie Katz Tie dress from Canyon Beachwear
and a little Beladora jewelry

Vintage 1970's turquoise and diamond ring in textured 18K

Unlike the last time I stayed at this villa 20 something years ago, there would be no late night clubbing and shots of tequila resulting in someone (not me) having to be air evacuated out to a hospital in San Francisco...
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Anonymous said...

I f-in love this last ring.

How am I going to get the money for it?

It's probably the coolest thing I've seen.

Anonymous said...

Is it still for sale today??? Pine, pine, pine...

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