Friday, February 6, 2009

Breeding For Fun And Profit

It was only a matter of time before something like this happened.
In our celebrity obsessed culture where everyone is seeking their 15 minutes of fame, this woman knew that if she pulled off her adventures in breeding, she would get paid for interviews and photographs. No doubt she will also get free clothing, food, baby supplies, toys etc. from corporate America that wants product placement. Eventually there might even be a reality show!

I'm not buying any of her story about her motivation coming from being a lonely only child.

If she had truly wanted a big family she could have raised foster children instead of having 14 by in vitro.

Sorry....but I think that she is a totally calculating media whore.
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photoman said...

I liked this so much I placed it on Random Thoughts Blog.

Belle de Ville said...

What an story!

Anonymous said...

I agree Belle. She knew she could milk the system to care for and even profit from this baby making. She actually might be a genius in disguise. How did she pay for her nose job and lip injections? The fertility treatments?

I am NOT going to buy one "Good Housekeeping" that has her Octuplets on the cover. Not like I buy that magazine anyway, but...

Belle de Ville said...

Thank God her doctor is under investigation. He needs to lose his license for enabling this media whore.

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