Monday, February 16, 2009

Around Town - The Santa Monica Scene

Last week, with the rush to vote on the Stimulus Bill (which not one Senator had actually read all the way through) I was asking myself are things really that bad that we need to create Federal Obligations that exceed the World's GDP? Are people at all concerned about 65.5 trillion in actual Federal Debt?
I decided to get out on the town with my peeps to see if there really is a recession because so far I haven't seen any signs of it in my hood.
So I started with my date at the Penthouse bar at the Huntley Hotel in Santa Monica. It was early still, not too crowed and I liked the vibe. Modern decor I'd call "sexy beach" by Thomas Schoos accented with off white, low loungey tables on one side, banquettes against the picture windows on the other and a white bar in the middle.
More than the decor I liked the view...sparkling from Malibu to Palos Verdes along the coast and crystal clear to downtown LA.

Needing something a little healthier than cocktails, we decided to try the Penthouse Restaurant for dinner. Seated at a window table, it was the best view I had ever had at a restaurant in LA...absolutely stunning. My date was pretty stunning too so all around I had visual delight.
I wish that I could say that the food was delightful too....but it just OK. (You can skip the crab cakes and I don't even want to know what was in the amuse was so not good)
In spite of the food, the restaurant was packed with shiny happy people. I definitely didn't discern any economic pessimism at the Huntley.

After dinner, still in the investigative mood, we decided to head over to the Botega Wine Bar. I hadn't tried it yet....although it had been highly recommended by both my in house council, Renee and by young Mr. de Ville. And while I did like was a bit too crowded and loud and I just wasn't feeling it so off we went to The Wilshire.
Now typically I like the Wilshire....not so much for the bar but for the restaurant which is killer expensive but the food is great. I had thought that it might be a little quiet given the price point but I was wrong again. It was hopping like everything else in town...a little too we went to Holly's Lounge next door.
Holly's was the perfect place to check out the mood of the younger generation because the average age was around 24. As we settled into a low sofa with our light beers in hand I definitely didn't get the feeling that anyone there was concerned about the Federal debt being so large that the government would be functionally bankrupt for the rest of their lives.
But then I remembered that this is Santa Moncia, the Westside, where the hedgefund and entertainment industry scions live and play....
where recessions never happen and all things are enchanted...
And I thought to myself....excellent.....a pool of future clients....
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