Sunday, January 18, 2009

Savvy Shopping - What to Wear to the Inaugural Ball

Unfortunately I wasn't invited to the Inaugural Ball...
But If I had been, this is what I would wear.
Exquisite Ruby, Sapphire and Diamond Suite from $44,550
There are, as we say, major goods in this piece.
Here are the details
Look like royalty in this stately suite of diamond, ruby and sapphire estate jewelry, consisting of a necklace, bracelet and drop earrings. Each piece features raspberry ruby cabochons and deep sky blue sapphire cabochons, bezel set in high polish yellow gold and linked by double leaves formed from pave diamond encrusted yellow gold. The necklace measures approximately 15 inches long, the bracelet 7 inches in length, and both are joined by hidden clasps. The drop earrings measure about 2 inches with clip backs. This is truly a spectacular suite of estate sapphire jewelry.
Metal: 18K Yellow Gold
Diamond Weight:
Total Diamond Necklace: 10.00 carats F-G/VVS-VS
Bracelet: 3.70 carats F-G/VVS-VS
Earrings: 2.30 carats F-G/VVS-VS
Total Gemstone Weight:
Necklace: Ruby = 24.00 carats, Sapphire = 26.60 carats
Bracelet: Ruby = 7.70 carats, Sapphire = 8.00 carats
Earrings: Ruby = 4.00 carats, Sapphire = 9.20 carats
Design Period: Contemporary
Circa: 1995
So what kind of gown do you wear with such mega jewelry?
Something simple yet elegant...and inexpensive like this strapless satin gown in sapphire.
I particularly like the color scheme to commemorate the beginning of a Blue Administration
Don't you?

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Deja Pseu said...

Gorgeous gems!

Belle de Ville said...

These gems are gorgeous..and our Inauguration demands the best.
When I look at the prices of couture dresses for Mrs Obama and the rest of the group, I keep thinking...why spend on the gown when it will be unwearable after the party...invest in the gems which are timeless.

miss cavendish said...

A shockingly inexpensive and elegant gown. Sometimes simple is best.

Belle de Ville said...

Miss Cavendish, simple, elegant, affordable and wearable for years on end. Change wraps and jewelry and it is the perfect wardrobe staple.
Now if only I had an invitation to the Inauguration....

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