Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Savvy Shopping - Going Green For The Getty

So what do you do when the Santa Ana winds have left Los Angeles so clear that you can see from the mountains to Catalina?
You go to the Getty Center of course to appreciate the view while catching up with some culture.
This exhibition tells the extraordinary story of a small group of artists who changed the course of art history. In the decades after the deaths of the great Renaissance masters, such as Raphael and Michelangelo, the art of painting was thought to have gone into steep decline. But then, in the late 16th century, the Carracci family of painters from Bologna burst onto the scene with tremendous energy and vitality, raising art to new heights. Their heroic achievement set standards that were to remain authoritative for more than 200 years. Here a selection of key works by the Carracci and several generations of their pupils and followers brings this artistic triumph to life. For them, the visible world became their principal source of inspiration, and nature was their teacher. Painting was about to enter a new era of creativity and lavish patronage, resulting in the glories of the Baroque age.
J0seph and Potiphar's Wife by Simone Cantorini at the Getty
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