Monday, January 5, 2009

My New Year's Resolution - Raising The Tone

Whenever any year comes to an end I spend a little time pondering the past. And this year was no different. So, as I did with my life in general, I took a close look at this blog.

What I found was a growing meanness of tone as the year progressed which is hardly surprising given the depressing daily news about the domestic economy and the endemic corruption of our government officials and Wall Street scions. Add to this all the bad international news: pirates off the Somali coast, terrorists in Mumbai, slavery in the Sudan, butchery in the Congo, and the usual insanity in Gaza.
Current events were so compelling I found it difficult not to post about them and when I did I couldn't keep the snarkiness under wraps.

But in spite of all that's wrong in the world I realized that things are pretty good chez moi.
Mes enfants, the future quant and the future professor of an esoteric subject, are doing just fine. Everyone in my family is healthy and happy. My friends are all gainfully employed. I have the best job in the world and business is booming.

Basically, it has been a great year.
And the tone of this blog should reflect that.
So I'm making a conscious effort in the upcoming year to stay on topic with fashion both vintage and new, luxury lifestyle and travel, culture and of course the world's best estate jewelry.
(and a little music here and there)

In other words making this blog all unicorns and butterflies and rainbows
and fluffy bunnies.

Full Disclosure: I've been known to break a few, well actually all, of my New Year's resolutions in the past, so we'll see how long this one will last!
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