Sunday, January 25, 2009

Light, Bright and Just Right

OK, so I wasn't impressed by Michelle Obama's choices in dresses for the Inauguration.
But...I was impressed with her jewelry.
Long, lean and brimming with briolettes!
Big, bold, and gorgeous!

Multiple bangles of bling!

I'm not a huge fan of jewelry designer Loree Rodkin because her pieces tend to be a little too Rock & Roll for know what I mean, all Maltese crosses, black diamonds, and trying too hard to be hip.
Let's put it this way...if it's the kind of thing that Madonna wears....I won't be wearing it.
But, Rodkin has toned it down with her new designs.
I love the way that Michelle Obama terms of the subtlety of her diamonds.
She sparkled without being overwhelmed by her jewelry.
Very classy indeed.

(photos snagged from Jewelrywhore blog)

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