Tuesday, January 20, 2009

First Lady Fashion For The Inauguration - Fugly

Uh Oh...I'm going to get myself in trouble for this...

Every article that I've read today has just gushed about our First Lady's Inaugural style.

Well, I'm just not drinking the Kool-Aid.

I think that Michelle Obama is a very formidable woman.
Her personal style is extremely modern and chic.

She knows how to choose the right outfit for the occasion.

She dresses up well without looking like she put too much effort into it.

She knows how to wear clothes that flatter her figure.

She looks spectacular in vibrant colors and she's not afraid to wear them.
So what I want to know is what the hell happened today?????

I'm sorry but I think that this ensemble is outright F-U-G-L-Y.
Neither the fit nor the color is flattering.

And, hate me if you must...but I think that her inaugural gown is another miss.
With all of the potential designs, colors and fabrics available for the big night
Why did the First Lady choose this outfit?

President Obama, on the other hand looked positively debonair.
Going forward...the change that I am hoping for is that she goes back to the style that suited her so well during the campaign.
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Maravonda said...

I admit I'm not her greatest fan...him, yes, her...not so much. But having said that, with all the choices she had, with her figure, with their resources, and she wore those two outfits??? Jackie Kennedy, she is not. And maybe we shouldn't try and compare. But still...what in the name of heaven was she thinking? They were just plain (as you so eloquently described)...fugly.

karinnska said...

Good posture would make her look almost regal in that yellow number. Straighten up, Michelle!

The white gown? Meh.

She looked stunning in the simple black tunic/pants column accented by the bold necklace. Perhaps Michelle should take a tip from the new secretary of state and opt for covering the leg with a pant (though a less severe style than Hill's might suit her better).

Belle de Ville said...

We should all judge her by the content of her character rather the chicnesss of her clothes.

That said, this was America's big day to shine for the world, and I think that Michelle missed the mark.

(Aretha Franklin rocked it in the hat though!)

Anonymous said...

Belle, I think the daytime outift was frumpy--I could just as easily have seen it on Barbara Bush (senior!)

And the white gown made her look so THICK through her middle. I was expecting something more streamlined and colorful. She looked like Carrie at the prom! I like her recent day looks though. Go on Mrs. O to see how they keep up on her styles...

Belle de Ville said...

Karen I loved the dress that she wore to the National Cathedral, she looked fabulous. It's just sort of a hit or miss thing...luckily she hits it right most of the time.

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