Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Feeling The Love

Wow...my friend Karen, who is certainly a blogger extraordinaire with Of A Certain Age has shared the love by giving me some props!

FRONT AND CENTER is To Belle de Ville at Beverly Hills Branchee. This woman is a commentarist on par with the best darlings of the media. I am sure Belle could get a job at the Wall Street Journal as a style columnist, or wherever else they'd like to put her. She sells exquisite estate jewelry and has an extensive blogroll of excellent vintage clothing sites, but it's her gift with words and keen eye for pop culture, business, and politics alike that draws me in. Belle obviously puts her heart and soul into her posts, showing us that she's doing some research instead of just blowing it all out her $%*&@!!!!!

Thank you Karen!!!
Let's do another blogger brunch with Pseu one of these days a little closer to your hood...maybe somewhere in Manhattan Beach.
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1 comment:

Karen said...

You got it! Brunch it is!

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