Thursday, January 22, 2009

Diner Chez Maman

In my life January is a month of birthdays.
This week alone I have have the birthdays of two close friends, my mother and my stepmother. Last night it was a b-day dinner at AOC wine bar with friends and tonight it was the annual grande bouffe chez maman with family.
Between the incredible meal at AOC...sweetbreads and quail, clams and artichokes...all kinds of small plates of yummy stuff...with côte du rhône
and tonight's moules à la crème et frites with vinho verde from Portugal, I need to take an extra long hike this weekend...or two!
I was supposed to go the Angelino cocktail party at the LA Art Show tomorrow night but I'm going to curl up with a good book instead.
The Birthday Girl - Madame De Ville - Enjoying Herself With Some Prosecco!
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Deja Pseu said...

From that picture, I can see where your good looks come from. Your mom is gorgeous, and has passed along that great bone structure to you. Enjoy that quiet evening at home! Once we're back from Colorado we'll have to plan an evening out.

Belle de Ville said...

Pseu, my mother certainly has the looks although this photo isn't the most flattering. Last night she was wearing a black tunic over black leggings with Mizrahi black ballet flats. She looked like one of those chic NY or Milan women from The Satorialist!

Enjoy the snow!

Anonymous said...

You look so much like your mom! Wow! She's amazing!

Belle de Ville said... mom is rather amazing. Right now she's planning a month long vacation in Spain, France and Italy to visit family and friends.

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