Friday, January 30, 2009

Beladora Bling For Zesty Zink

While I was slaving away crunching numbers the young jewelry divas, the lovely Liz and the ravishing Renee were off at the second photo shoot for the week.
This shoot, thanks to Angela the Dita von Teese doppelganger, was at an artist's studio in Silver Lake for Zink Magazine...
a beauty editorial with Beladora bling...and lingerie!
What's not to like?

I'll fill you in on the details when the magazine comes out.

And Liz and Renee...thank you for a job well done on a difficult day.
I heart you!
Go Team Beladora!
(Liz and Renee ...Speaking of photo shoots...what do you think about "The Bitches of Beladora"?)
Hey...I just had to ask it was Miss de Ville's idea.
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