Sunday, January 4, 2009

Around Town - Seeking Something Sunny - Soleil Style

After weeks of December noshing, everything from the chocolate truffles that have been sent to your office to that huge holiday feast with your family, it's time for some simple but yummy comfort food.
For comfort food and casual ambiance at a great price the best place in the neighborhood is Soleil Restaurant in Westwood.
The menu is basic with classic French dishes including Traditional Escargot, French Onion Soup Gratinée, Beef Bourguignon and Entrecôte Sauce Café de Paris.
There is also a nice selection of pasta dishes.
Soleil Special events include
Mussels and French Fries
Every Wednesday with reservations 24 hours in advance
Wine Tasting Dinner
Every two months, including a four course meal and four different wines.
And keeping it casual, comfortable and chic
here's what I would wear.
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