Thursday, January 1, 2009

Around Town - New Year's Eve

I'm not a big New Year's Eve party person. I actually prefer to stay home in front of a roaring fire noshing on paté de foie gras or caviar and sipping champagne.
But this year someone charming invited me to a party so how could I resist?

The soirée was hosted by a beautiful, brainy, blond at her swanky Wilshire corridor condo with a view of Century City above the fog.

I live in a sheltered little world surrounded mostly by people that I have known for decades, so it was interesting to go to a party where I knew absolutely no one.

The hostess was lovely, her friends were nice and everything was going along great.

And here's the jewelry....and yes I'm making a point here.

Beladora Art Deco Diamond Bracelet in Platinum

Another Art Deco Diamond Bracelet in Platinum
Beladora Diamond Hoop Earrings with Dangling Diamonds
(This photo doesn't do justice to how gorgeous these earrings really are because the diamonds move and catch the light as you move)

In addition, I wore another diamond bracelet and ring.
A little blingy I'll admit...but in no way over the top.
And here's what I wore, a slightly metallic gunmetal gray silk frock.
(note: this photo of the dress was taken at my office before an event in 2007 and I didn't wear these diamond necklaces on New Year's Eve)

So where am going with all of this you ask.
At some point in the evening one of the guests said to my date, right in front of me, that when we walked into the party, some of the guys thought that my date had arrived with a escort....yeah...that kind of escort.
Then to add to the fun, the 23 year old niece of the hostess told me that I looked like a hawt bitch.
So I ask you, was there anything untoward about what I was wearing that would solicit these kind of comments....from complete strangers?
And...given my advanced age, should I have taken this as a compliment?
Just asking....
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Candy said...

Beautiful dress and beautiful jewelry! I don't know how old you are but being over the mid century mark myself I'd take it as a compliment. Happy New Year!

Anonymous said...

Pour vos lectices Belle, vous êtes toujours bien mise.

Votre tenue m'apparait tout à fait chic et correcte ma chère. Vous étiez quand même à une grande soirée.
De tels propos grossiers à votre égard démontrent un manque de savoir vivre monumental et ne sont pas acceptables sous aucunes conditions, voyons.
Votre hôtesse et/ou votre compagnon n'ont-t'-ils rien dit à ces personnes mal élevées?

Pour ma part, je vous souhaite une très bonne et heureuse année Belle, et merçi pour un blogue toujours à la fine pointe pour les femmes qui désirent rester branchées.


Belle de Ville said...

Candy: Staying in the cautiously optimistic mode for 2009...I'm taking the questionable remarks as compliments.

Orane: Je vous shouhaite une tres bonne annee aussi.

Anonymous said...

You are beautiful and have a presence about you without the bling.


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