Sunday, January 4, 2009

Amethyst Allure - Nancy Gonzalez At Neimans

Even though I appreciate beautiful accessories, I've never been an "it" bag girl. I've always found estate jewelry, which can last for centuries, to be a better fashion investment.
But I do regularly read the bag snob website just to keep up with the trends in handbag design.
The snob girls, Tina and Kelly, recently posted the top 10 snob bags of 2008 with the best bags from Givenchy to Hermes, Bottega Veneta to YSL.
And what was on this list but my very favorite crocodile confection by Nancy Gonzalez.
How gorgeous is this bag?
The color, the design, the wearability....
But OMG... the price!
Well...since I won't be shelling out the $3600 for this bag anytime soon, I was glad to find the $3000 Nancy Gonzalez shopping spree on the Neiman Marcus website.
And yes I know....I have about as much chance of winning this as I do of winning the lottery...
but I can still dream.

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Anonymous said...

Nice bag, shame about the price!

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