Thursday, December 4, 2008

Vintage Value Venture - All Tied Up In Trigere

It's hard to get into the Holiday spirit when you live in Los Angeles. Given the weather no matter where you go, at whatever time of day it seems that there's always someone wearing shorts and a T shirt. Not very Christmas-y.

If you're some people I know.....who get to jet off to New York for a little snow and mistletoe and Holiday might want to pick up this vintage Pauline Trigere coat and some Beladora jewelry for a little ice skating at the rink in Rockefeller Center while you admire the decorations on the Christmas Tree.

Beladora Set of Three Retro Bracelets With Diamond Clasps $3250

Beladora Vintage Mid-Century Diamond Brooch $3250

The only things missing from this outfit are a fur muff and a fur hat...and a player from the New York Rangers to catch you as you slip on the ice....
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metscan said...

Oh-the coat looks great, but so so petite. The price is more than reasonable.

Belle de Ville said...

I think that it looks more petite than it actually is. I love the asymetrical design element with the scarf on one side and the buttons on the other.

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