Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Modern Morals - Another Darwin Award Winner

You know I saw this story on Drudge a couple of days ago and I just wasn't going to go there.
But somehow...I just have to.
From the Hindustan Times
Husband warns public about HIV wife

So...a Toronto man....obviously a future Darwin Award winner
marries a Thai Stripper (or ex stripper, whatever) and gets infected with HIV.

Now he's out to warn other men who may have banged his ex to get tested.

A Toronto man, who was infected with the HIV virus by his stripper ex-wife, is pleading for other men who may have had sex with her to get tested for the disease.
"I know there were other men she slept with," Percy Whiteman claimed on Monday of his ex, Suwalee Iamkhong, who's fighting deportation from Canada. "I am lucky that I was able to find out early."
Iamkhong, 39, arrived in Canada from Thailand in 1995 and danced at Toronto's Zanzibar Tavern for most of her career, which lasted until 2004.

WTF was this guy thinking?
The usual I suppose....she's really a just a very nice girl who just lap dances on the side while she's really going to law school or medical school or caring for poor orphans or saving whales. Oh...she's only doing a little "artistic" dancing and nothing more....she's not really a skanky whore.
Did this idiot think that this pole dancer was a some kind of virgin? Did he consider HIV testing before he nailed her? Did he not realize that risky behavior yields nasty stuff.
Go ahead...tell me that I'm insufficiently sensitive.
Call it service with a smile....sometimes you get even more than what you paid for.
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Deja Pseu said...

I'm reminded of a scene from "Priscilla, Queen of the Desert" that involved projectile ping-pong balls....

Belle de Ville said...

That's an image I'd rather not visualize.

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