Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Holiday Shopping - Neiman Marcus Style

Looking for those last minute holiday gifts but have no time to shop?

Well, just grab your Neiman Marcus catalogue and let the shopping begin!

For her, the NM limited edition 7 series beemer. Big enough to hold all the kids in the carpool....and her silly little miniature dog and her overstuffed shopping bags.

For Him, a titanium fighter motorcycle, sexy and sleek, just like him. (Meanwhile she's thinking "oh yeah baby, at 190 mph just one accident with you and that 22 year old assistant from the office that you've been seeing and I inherit everything")

And...for the whole family, a custom designed three hole Jack Nicklaus golf course where, unlike at the country club, you can openly throw your clubs in disgust after a bad shot and not be looked down upon by the caddies.

And it will all seem like a bargain at a mere $1,270,000....especially after that loss you took in your hedgefund investment....
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