Saturday, December 27, 2008

Holiday Happenings or Trying To Take It Down A Notch

Ah...Christmas is finally over...and after the family feast on Christmas Eve and the dinner à trois avec les enfants on Christmas Day, I'm trying to take it down a notch.
Since February 2008 when I started this blog I've posted 527 times...and considering what it takes for me to write even one post, that is indeed a lot of time sitting at a addition to my day job. (yes, no wonder my ass is fat)
So maybe this week I will post lightly...or not at all. There are movies to see, hikes to go on, friends to spend time with, letters to write, books to read, dinners to cook and things to ponder about the year that has passed and the new year that is beginning ....and yes of course, all these things in addition to keeping my eye on the business...which is a 24/7 thing.
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