Sunday, December 21, 2008

Celebrity Nonsense - Paris Hilton's Bling

From the Chicago Tribune
Police: Paris Hilton's L.A. home burglarized while she was away; $2 million in jewelry missing

Seriously, who keeps $2 million in jewelry at home?

And, what kind of home security system did she have?

Obviously, her silly dog wasn't much of a deterrent...
what she needed was my kind of home security system.

I can't help but wonder...

Was she was in need of cash and set the whole thing up for the insurance money?

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WendyB said...

LOL @ "useless dog."
I had an experience with a celebrity who "lost" a whole lot of borrowed jewelry that she was carrying in her purse (only two pieces were mine, it was a variety of designers) for a day or two. When she returned everything it was all banged up. We don't know what she did to it -- drive a car over it? And guess what -- when that purse went missing she of course canceled her credit cards, like anyone would. So the credit card on file against the borrowed jewelry was not available. Convenient, no? The store had to chase her for payment for months.

Belle de Ville said...

We had a certain celebrity borrow some major earrings for the emmys and then she "lost" one pair and blamed it on her assistant...until we assured her that she would be charged.
I love the whole cancelling of the credit cards by your timely.
I love working with the DWTS people because they are insured...but celebrities in general....forget it!

Alex said...

Anonymous said...

"Useless Dog"? what about "Useless Woman"? - Linden

Belle de Ville said...

Linden...well said!

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