Saturday, November 1, 2008

Vintage Value Venture - A Little Aquascutum

Well...we had a little sprinkle of rain it must finally be Fall...
and what better to wear in Autumn than a little Aquascutum.
So maybe you don't live in a country manor house surrounded by hedgerows and heaths filled with heather...but you can dress like you do.

This vintage Aquascutum tweed suit from Couture Allure Vintage is perfect for the Town and Country crowd. Add some sensible Ferragamo or Bally flats and it's perfect for tea with the Vicar. Add a pair of wellies and a Barbour and it's perfect for a stroll around the moors.

Really where else but the web can you buy a brand name wool tweed suit for $85?
OK I admit that it might be a little too suit-y for your taste, but you can break it up and wear as separates. Wouldn't this jacket look great over a black turtle neck sweater and a pair of black jeans? And, wouldn't the skirt look great with a camel twinset in cashmere?
So, how do you accessorize a suit that's got so much going on? With these vintage Kieselstein-Cord Labrador earrings from, of course.
Now in case you haven't heard, Manor born and raised Guy Richie has finally broken it off with Madonna. Maybe after all the hype over his divorce and new movie RocknRolla dies down he will be looking for a new Lady of the Manor...
With this suit and earrings you will have the perfect outfit to fit the horses, hounds and hunts lifestyle.

Lord of the Manor Guy Richie - Finally without Madonna

Oh, and Couture Allure Vintage has a great vintage blog. Take a look!
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Deja Pseu said...

Oh, I'm loving those earrings!!

Belle de Ville said...

Yeah, aren't they cool?

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