Sunday, November 16, 2008

Quantum of Solace or Quantum of Confusion?

When I wasn't sleeping I found the movie to be visually interesting with a gritty dark realism. No sexy locales(unless you consider Bolivia and Haiti sexy), no silly gadgets and no stupid double entendres. Daniel Craig was great, but the new bond girl was unremarkable.

Unfortunately I found the plot to be convoluted. Maybe it was the script, or maybe it was because I dozed through the first 30 minutes, but I walked out of the theater a little confused. And I wasn't the only one.
So far in my humble opinion, the best Daniel Craig film is still Layer Cake.
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Miss De Ville said...

I refuse to see another bond film until they bring back someone ultra-suave. Bond is Connery, and to a much lesser extent Brosnan. The other's are meh, more or less.
This new bond is just not slick enough to play the super spy.

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