Saturday, November 8, 2008

Meritocracy or Why I Love The Web

In a world of increasing rules and regulation, taxes and tariffs, quotas and qualifiers, how do you take and idea and turn it into a successful business?

The web, of course, which is exactly what the these talented women did with
Taking their love for handbags and all things chic, they started a website to showcase the best designs in handbags and now they have an budding empire including Snob TV.
Their latest webisode, an interview with Michael Kors, is as professional as anything you would watch on actual TV.

This is just one example of how enterprising partners with an idea, natural talent, a little tech savvy, some hard work, a reasonably small amount of start up capital, and a sense of humor, can use the web to create a business that has a reach to an international market.

The Web...where talent can rise to the top.
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