Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Graff on a Gambol or Betting on the Billionaire Boys

Recession...What Recession?

Certainly that's the view from Larry Graff's glamorous world.

Style.com reports that London's uber jeweler to Saudis and Socialites, Graff, has just opened his flagship New York store.

Larry Graff and Stephanie Seymore aka Mrs Peter Brant

“We’ve had a record six months,”
said Laurence Graff. “Not in spite of the credit crisis but because of the
credit crisis.”
He continued, spelling out the jeweler’s clearly
winning take on navigating global economic discord: “In times of chaos, you have to go back to the basics, one of which is treasure. Treasure never becomes worthless. And that’s what we sell.”

Opposite of what I read on Idex and RAP, I'm glad to know that someone out there in retail land is making big bucks with big bling.
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