Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First Lady Fashion - Going Glam For The Inauguration

From the very start of campaigning for 2008 election there have been countless articles about who's wearing what....well, I mean about the women of course. (God knows nobody gives a damn about what the male candidates or husbands are wearing)

We've had criticism of Hillary and her ubiquitous pants suits, Cindy McCain and her bling, Sarah Palin and her Neiman Marcus wardrobe and Michelle Obama and her unusual dress for the acceptance speech.

Well. I'm going record here and stating that I expect the First Family of the Free World to dress to the nines...at least in their public appearances. (If they wear sweats and flip flops in their private lives it's OK with me.)

Why do I care?
Designer and upscale fashion is an important business in the US retail sector and I believe that in this economy our First Family should promote it by wearing the clothes of both classic and up and coming American Designers....and preferably clothes that were manufactured in the US.

Look at the First Lady of France, Carla Bruni, she's a walking advertisement for Dior, YSL and the French Fashion Houses.

So far I think that Michelle Obama is off to a good start. I'd like to see her mix it up with some classic ladylike day dresses, suits and evening gowns from Oscar de la Renta, Tracy Reese, Carolina Herrera, Rachel Roy, Isaac Mizrahi, Vera Wang, Donna Karen, Ralph Lauren, Philip Lim, Zac Posen, Peter Som, Jason Wu, Richard Chai, Bagley Mischka and Michael Kors. I'd also like to see her in something from Korto of Project Runway, who I think is tremendously talented.

And why not a little glam for Mrs. Obama, she's got the authority to pull it off.

It's going to be freezing at the Inauguration in January so she should leave the Republican cloth coat at home and dress warmly in this patriotic blue state blue fox jacket, manufactured in the US.

Dyed Blue, Blue Fox 3/4 Jacket on sale at the Fur Outlet $999.00
Beladora Tanzanite and Diamond Dangle Earrings ...a little more than $999

And...how about some promotion of the American Jewelry Industry with a little more blue for the inaugural ball with these elegant diamond and tanzanite dangle earrings from Beladora.com, the tanzanite and diamonds reflecting her African heritage.
Granted, they are a little more expensive than the fur jacket but with the increase in her husbands book sales, I think she she can easily afford them.
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Miss De Ville said...

Korto, Maman? Really? It was structurally interesting, sort of. There was too much of this arrogant ethnic infusion that made her collection come off as over-reaching and arrogant in an extremely negative way.
It was all about kenley. She should have won. Her collection was adorable, sweet, mostly wearable, and awesome. That cream silk dress with the painted flowers on the front (the one with the poofy skirt and the chinese neckline) was the second best item of clothing of all the collections. It was second only to her AMAZING wedding dress. It was gorgeous and totally wearable.
I'm still mad she didn't win.

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