Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Diamonds Are For Disappearing

From the Times Online

Huang Guangyu, China's richest man, disappears amid corruption investigation

How does the richest man in China....or anywhere for that matter disappear?

A better does bazillionaire disappear and continue to live in the style that he has grown accustomed to?

It's all about the assets.

Cash in suitcases? How much luggage can you travel with and still remain incognito?

Bearer Bonds? Do they still even exist?

Gold? How do you store it?

Diamonds? Bingo!

Something small and indestructible, easy to carry and conceal, that keeps its value and is easy to liquidate.
The ultimate asset if you want to change your world

As they say, diamonds are forever.
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Anonymous said...

Belle, you must rent the Catherine DeNeuve vehicle, "Place Vendome!" A great Paris jewelry movie!!!

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