Thursday, October 2, 2008

Vintage Value Venture - Running with the Wolves

Do you ever look at the current Fannie and Freddie fiasco and ask yourself "What did you expect when you put the wolves in charge of the hen house"?
FRANKLIN RAINES was a Chairman and Chief Executive Officer at Fannie Mae. Raines was forced to retire from his position with Fannie Mae when auditing discovered severe irregularities in Fannie Mae's accounting activities. .
Raines left with a "golden parachute valued at $240 Million in benefits. The Government filed suit against Raines when the depth of the accounting scandal became clear. The Government noted, "The 101 charges reveal how the individuals improperly manipulated earnings to maximize their bonuses, while knowingly neglecting accounting systems and internal controls, misapplying over twenty accounting principles and misleading the regulator and the public.
The Notice explains how they submitted six years of misleading and inaccurate accounting statements and inaccurate capital reports that enabled them to grow Fannie Mae in an unsafe and unsound manner."
Ya Think?
These charges were made in 2006.
And so here we are in 2008 and because now more than ever we need a Vintage Value Venture!
So why not a classic 1950's LBD from Suzy Perette.

And since the wolves are at the door maybe it's time that we show our own wolverine side with this vintage brooch from Beladora.
And yeah, that messenger bag that the wolf is sporting is actually full of the funds that he had to withdraw from of his bank...before it went under...obviously he's on the run trying to find a bank that's still solvent.
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Deja Pseu said...

Oh, that's the LBD I've been looking for! Wish it was just a size bigger...

Sandra @ said...

your smarty girl banter cracks me up. loving both vintage finds!

Belle de Ville said...

Hi Sandra!
Thanks for stopping by.
Now that the world is not coming to an end I will try to get back to posting my vintage picks.
But sometimes I just can't help but rant!

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