Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Going For The Gunn

OK...the truth is out. I don't spend all my time going to the opera and reading 1000 page books.
Actually, when I have the time I love to watch fashion and style programs on TV, and my favorite is Tim Gunn's Guide to Style on Bravo.

While I enjoy watching Project Runway, I find the editing which emphasizes the snarky attitudes of the designers tiresome. The tone of Tim Gunn's Guide to Style is something completely different. It is respectful. Imagine that!

Each participant, regardless of her shape or personal style is treated with the utmost respect. Gunn and his fashion sidekick, Gretta Monahan, gently guide each 'client' to choosing the silhouette and color scheme that will be the most flattering to her unique figure and professional requirements. Some may find his famous list of fashion essentials constrictive, but I think that each item is appropriate for the modern urban woman.
While popular culture as represented by entertainment television has degraded to trash talking actual celebrities and wanna be know those disgusting Housewives of OC, New York and Atlanta, the talentless idiots on The Hills, and virtually everyone on MTV, Tim Gunn's respectful manner and erudite elocution are breath of fresh air.

Here is the link to Tim Gunn's book: Tim Gunn: a Guide to Quality, Taste and Style and a link to his interview with Time Out New York.

Carry On.

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