Sunday, October 5, 2008

Going for Galliano's Spring Jewels

I don't know why the John Galliano Spring 2009 Ready to Wear show this week in Paris needed to have models in over sized little bo peep hair and Napoleonic hats when some of the dresses were so very lovely. All that crazy accessorizing was superfluous.

Take these three dresses for example.

I love the rich jewel tone palate and the feminine silhouettes. Overall, I found this collection to be less over the top than his usual designs and except for a few pieces that were totally transparent, I found all of the outfits wearable.

In my dream Spring wardrobe, if I could only have this lovely long dress with the keyhole front... I would wear it with these 18 karat Etruscan style amethyst, zircon and yellow beryl dangle earrings from

I don't know how much these Galliano dresses will retail at, but I would bet that they will be at least twice as expensive as these earrings.
Well no matter....I'm sure that our current economic meltdown will be over by next know with the bailout and all the "Change" that is coming our way. Surely I'll be able to buy one of these dresses and the earrings too!

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Anonymous said...

"I found this collection to be less over the top than his usual designs and accept for a few pieces "...
I guess you meant "except" and not "accept"...

Belle de Ville said...

Thank you anon for the correction. I tend to rely on spell check and it doesn't correct my bad grammar.

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