Thursday, October 30, 2008

Around Town- The Kazanjian Red Diamond Event

Ian Balfour's Famous Diamonds - aka The Bible of Rare Diamonds

The Kazanjian Red Diamond - A 5.05 Carat Assscher Cut
Last week The Kazanjian Foundation hosted an exclusive private showing of the Kazanjian Red Diamond which is considered to be the finest red diamond in the world. The event was held at the perfect venue, the gemological wing of the Los Angeles Natural History Museum.
Not only was the diamond spectacular to view, the history of the gemstone was fascinating to learn.
-Discovered in 1927 in South Africa
-Considered to be one of the rarest Diamonds in the world, of which Red is the rarest color
-Owned by the Oppenheimer and Asscher Families
-Represented by Tiffany in the 1930s
-Plundered by the Nazis during World War II
-Recovered in a salt mine near Berteschgaden by a U.S. Army General who mistook it for a ruby
-Rediscovered in 2007 by The Kazanjian Family
Ian Balfour, the world's diamond authority, has written in the latest edition of his book Famous Diamonds, an excellent history of the rare stone which will be on display at the museum from now until the end of the year.

Also on display at the event was the Kazanjian Foundation Collection of Celebrity Jewels and the Couture Jewelry Collection by Patrick Mauboussin.
And yes, elegant guests (some in beautiful Beladora estate jewelry), great food by Crustacean Beverly Hills, and lovely music by the Southeast Symphony...what can I say...the party rocked!
Oh, and in case you are looking for that special gift for this holiday season...the Kazanjian Red isn't for sale.
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