Saturday, September 20, 2008

Spring Collection 2008 - Or Why I Have A Huge Wardrobe

I have a huge really I do. At some point in my young life I found clothes that not only were classic in their styling, but were flattering to my figure. So I bought them and I've continued to buy those types of clothes ever since.
More importantly, I've kept them.
God knows with what I'm seeing from designers this year, I need them.

So it's not all that unusual for me to put together an outfit with a dress (Donna Karan) from 1996 , a handbag (lizard which lasts forever...if you take care of it) from 1986, and a scarf (Hermes) from 1976, estate jewelry from 1966, and shoes from 2006.
I know what you're thinking....
I must look like a train wreck.

Well trust me....I look like no more of a wreck than these models from the Spring 2008 Collections....
What costume party are they going to?

Christina Binkley of the Wall Street Journal writes about the Spring Runway Fashions
So hoarders, take heart. Pull out your old clothes and wear them again: Nothing is out of style, according to New York's runways. We've seen long hemlines, micro-minis, pencil skirts and flouncy skirts. Big-legged pants, skinny-legged pants. Lots of leather and much chiffon.

The runways so far this week have major nods to two diametrically opposed eras -- the romantic late 1960s-early 1970s and the go-getter 1980s -- often on the same runways. Alice + Olivia's hippy-dippy collection (presented two days after Diane von Furstenberg's hippy-dippy collection) included a 1980s-type yellow blouse with big bows and cap sleeves alongside a Victorian white lacy dress whose mother was worn to Woodstock.

It's surprising that women's fashion is getting frilly, given that other aspects of design and architecture are going minimalist. (Our frocks will clash with our living rooms.) But fashion design has to move fast to keep us shopping for new looks, and the cycle of new looks now is so quick it's a blur.

Of all the new looks, I prefer the Romantic Hippy Chick but I wouldn't sport this look at the office.

For working women Binkley goes on to say Working women who want subtlety next season will have to turn to Michael Kors, or Oscar de la Renta if they can afford him -- or rely on what's already in their closets.

With designs like what I'm seeing in the Spring 2008 Collections, I'm glad that I've got a flattering collection of clothes to choose from right here at home.

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