Sunday, September 7, 2008

Roland Mouret on Fashion in the WSJ

I guess that is was only a matter of time before the Wall Street Journal came out with a glossy.
As the print media looses its luster to the internet while the glossies stay strong, the new WSJ, both in print and online, is a great hybrid read magazine.
This edition has an interview with one of my favorite fashion designers, Roland Mouret.
Here are the highlights
The fashion industry has become like pushers, creating a need, a desire to have an item immediately. Also, in some cases, they sell it so cheaply that you can throw it away again next season. If you are buying a T-shirt for $4, somewhere along the line someone is losing.
We create fake trends for the sake of selling—not because they have a meaning in our society. The concept of the “it” bag is a proof of the fake trends. Bags don’t have meaning. They are just a sales tool. New season, new bag. Designers don’t have to work or think about how to make their customers look good with a bag. That’s why it’s an easy choice; the only differentiation is in the price—now there are $20,000 bags!
How can fashion be all about being just one size? Nobody has any curves anymore. Body fascism is endemic. We can’t take a risk to redefine ourselves anymore because we are all worried about our shape. No wonder young people are beginning to re-create the excesses of the eighties: Wouldn’t you do the same if you’d lived through the attempted “perfection” of the ’90s and the noughties?
Also, don't miss the video of Mouret pulling a project runway type task of creating one of his incredible dresses out of WSJ newspapers.
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