Thursday, September 25, 2008

Is The The Statement Necklace A True Trend?

After years of seeing celebrities and socialites wearing chandelier earrings and cuff bangle bracelets, but nothing around the neck, I've been keeping an eye out for "The Statement Necklace" which has been the trend on the runway...since at least 2005.

Since the early 2000s, necklaces from Lanvin and Vera Wang to Prada have taken on more and more heft with each passing season. The unapologetically chunky jewelry , featuring stacked, oversized beads and pendants, can offset minimalist or demure designs. Another sales appeal: It’s more likely to be more comfortable, and sometimes less overtly recognizable, than the season’s “It” heels (just look to Prada’s stumbling shoes for spring).
I just perused the red carpet photos from the the Emmys and "The Statement Necklace" definitely wasn't an integral part of "The Look".
Come to think of it, I'm only seeing this look in magazines....I haven't even seen any of the serious fashionistas on Rodeo Drive sporting this look.
Is this something that only exists in the minds of designers and accessories editors?
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Deja Pseu said...

Last year in Paris I noticed a lot of women wearing chunkier rough cut stone necklaces. Maybe it's just taking a while for it to catch on here?

Belle de Ville said...

Usually, the uber trendy Beverly Hills girls are first with a look even before the beuties of Paris and Milan.
I love bold jewelry, not the fake stuff of course, so I'd like to see it catch on here!

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