Saturday, August 9, 2008

Zoe - As If You Didn't Know

On The Go With Zoe
As if we didn't already know enough about Rachel Zoe...she now is going to have her own reality show.
The background on the image maker is here.
Can Zoe say anything about fashion that is insightful or illuminating? All I got from her commentary was, celebrities like to wear designer clothes, and "Fashion is my drug. I'm addicted to it."
Look back to SCS to read hatred and mocking reviews and recaps of Zoe's show when it starts for real. We can't wait for the episode when Zoe gets snubbed at Fashion Week! Did you see her checking herself out on Hilarious.
Since I think that Rachel Zoe needs a slap down by Tim Gunn I won't be watching the show.
But, I will be reading Second City Style's recap.
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Deja Pseu said...

On the subject of reality TV, I can only say one thing: Andy Warhol was right.

Ms. Zoe seems to be one of those folks who is determined to stretch her 15 minutes into 30...

Belle de Ville said...

He 15 minutes feels like an hour already to me.

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