Monday, August 4, 2008

Party Girls and Botox Babes

25 Year Old Botox Party Girl

Ibiza Rave

From The Sun

MANY Ibiza tourists are hardcore ravers who drink, dance and smoke away their nights then spend their days in the baking sun.
No wonder it is known as the island that never sleeps.
But however much fun it may sound, the non-stop lifestyle takes its toll on the sleep-deprived, dehydrated partygoers’ faces, with many needing more than a dab of concealer to cover their facial creases.
But the party girls refuse to rein in the late nights and heavy-drinking sessions.
Instead, they have found the perfect way to revive their looks — Botox.

“It’s great — the moment I land, I call Christine to get some Botox before I hit the clubs. Then after two weeks of clubbing, she gives me a top-up before I get on the plane home.

“It’s all about looking good for the party. Thankfully now, no matter how bad I feel on the inside, the Botox will always make me look better on the outside.”

Note to Self: Be sure to budget for before and after vacation Botox injections.
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