Saturday, August 9, 2008

Opening Ceremony Style - It's All In The Details

USA - Classic Gatsby Look - Great

Britian - Striped Belt - Love It

Spain -Red Shoes - AYYYYY

Italy - Cargo Pants - Love It

Iran - Matching Chador - Love It

The Fashion Report from

• The 10 sharpest-dressed teams:
1. Netherlands. Gray suits with orange ties and cool, two-tone shoes.
2. Antigua and Barbuda. Sharp plaid vests and ties with white shirts.
3. Saint Kitts and Nevis women. Sundresses in the flag's colors.
4. Gabon men. Argylish green-and-blue shirts.
5. Italy. Gray suit coats, black ties and snazzy silver shoes. That didn't keep them from marching in total chaos, all over the place, to the consternation of the orderly Chinese folks overseeing the procession.
6. Botswana. Nice powder-blue-and-black suit ensemble.
7. Tunisia. Blue blazers, lavender shirts and ties. Strong.
8. Latvia. White pants, lavender coats. Well done.
9. Ukraine men. Blue-and-yellow ensemble. Women get a demerit for bad yellow ankle socks and iffy shoes.

• The 10 worst-dressed teams:
1. Denmark. Jean shorts. JEAN SHORTS?! This isn't Gainesville, Fla.; this is the Olympics.
2. South Africa. Committed the unpardonable offense of outfitting everyone in green crocs.
3. Spain. Bright red suits with bright red shoes. The shoes were criminal.
4. Canada. The Canadians usually are among the best dressed, so the penalty for showing up in bad pseudo-sweat suits is extra.
5. Kazakhstan. The women wore sashes that said "Kazakhstan," like it was a beauty pageant. The guys looked pretty cool. Nice white cowboy hats.
5. Switzerland. I cannot stay neutral on these outfits. BAD shorts with suit coats.
6. Australia. Say it again: sweat jacket-ish things that looked like they were purchased at a yard sale.
7. Belgium. Love your beer, hate your men's outfits. Horrific tan suits with red T-shirts.
8. Ecuador. Looked vaguely like a NASCAR driver's jump suit.
9. British Virgin Islands. One guy in jeans, another in black pants, three others in khakis.
10. Somalia. The men rocked some sweet sky-blue suits -- and then along came one dude in a white T-shirt and shorts, as if he slipped in off the street right before the group walked through the tunnel and onto the stadium floor.

10. Egypt. Nice suit coats. Gotta be the cotton.
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