Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fashion Comeback For Christian Francis Roth

The new Christian Francis Roth "Twill Seeker" dress

Early 1990's Christian Francis Roth "Op Art" inspired design

The Wall Street Journal has reported on the return of 1990's designer Christian Francis Roth to his eponymous line. Known for his line "Op Art" inspired designs in the early 1990's he later moved into fashion obscurity designing for Nordstrom Caslon and other brands.
While I wouldn't have worn his 1990's designs, I find them original and clever.
But....the new dress, while preppy and wearable, I find it uninspired.
And, I suspect that if this dress had been presented by a designer on Project Runway, Nina, Michael and Heidi would have wasted no time telling the designer "You're Out"!
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WendyB said...

You know, the rugby dress was the biggest seller of the season, and numerous stores have reordered it in different colors and fabrics for holiday!

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