Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vintage Value Venture - For French Bohemian Babes

Beladora II Pendant in 18K $495

Anne Bezamat Pendant in Bronze $450

Feel like a little quel que chose francais for summer?

From the WWD article Ladies First, ex model Anne Bezamat, who is now designing jewelry, has come up with a collections of rings, necklaces and pendants.

"It's very French bohemian chic," says Bezamat of her brushed bronze and sterling silver necklaces and pendants, some engraved with French sayings about love ("Toi et moi," "Je t'aime moi non plus"), all clasped with small fleur-de-lis. "It reflects my roots and my travels."

If you'd like a little French boho style but prefer it in 18K, how about a vintage gold pendant from Beladora's sister site, Beladora 2. This pendant, engraved with the words "Tu es l'amour de ma vie, Maurice" is so charming. And...I love the idea that these words weren't made up by some ex model designer with her marketing actual homme named Maurice had this medallion custom engraved as a gift for his lover.

Vintage Estate Jewelry...there's always a story behind it.

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Deja Pseu said...

Oh wow, LOVE that gold pendant!!!

Belle de Ville said...

Hey, I love the mystery man named Maurice who went through the trouble to give this very special gift.
Je cherche un homme comme Maurice.

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