Saturday, July 26, 2008

Savvy Shopping - Gilt Groupe

Invitation Only Shopping - what exactly does that mean?
In the Haute Look business model we've got competitor Gilt Groupe who brings us
36 hour sales of fashion and luxury brands with a private trunk show feel.
Is this a good way to shop? I'm not sure but at up to 70% off retail I think it's worth checking out.
While that invitation only thing is a smart marketing ploy for snob appeal...I'd bet that it's not too hard to get an invitation....especially given that, except for clothing, all sales are FINAL
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Rebbeca said...

Actually, gilt is the only one w/ invitation only, on you don't have to be invited can just go in and sign up!

Belle de Ville said...

Does it make sense to have an invitation only sale and limit potential customers?
I don't know, but their brands are great. I'd love to buy some J. Mendel on sale.....

tousleguppy said...

the sales are pretty excellent. i'll invite anyone who'd like; i like to roll my eyes at the "invitation only" policy, but i understand the necessity -- they've got to provide the luxury brands with a buffer from the stigma of "discount" sales. anyway, send me an email at SANERL@REED.EDU if you'd like invitations, i suppose.

Belle de Ville said...

Thanks for your comment.
I've already accepted an invitation sent to me by Kristopher if only I could afford the J.Mendel...

SkirtsNShoes said...

Personally, I kinda like hautelook better. The sales are great, the service is amazing, and who can complain about designer products that are almost 75% off?!

Belle de Ville said...


In this fragil economy, in fact in any economy, service is essential if you want to retain your clients.
I'm thrilled to hear that Hautelook is has great service because I know that they have great prices.

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