Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Media - Internet Moguls and Me

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Oscar de la Renta Spring Collection
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Every Spring I anxiously check my mailbox searching for my invitation to Herbert Allen's annual Media-Internet Mogul retreat in Sun Valley.

There must be some administrative mistake made by his staff because I'm certain that Herb knows how much my insight would add to his meetings with Bill Gates, Larry Page, Sergey Brin, Reid Hoffman, Rupert Murdoch and the rest of the gazillionaire gang.

Especially because the key topic this year is uncertainty and believe me...I know all about uncertainty....in business and in life.

But this year both media and online leaders are grappling with the Internet's increasing fragmentation. And they're all looking for more advertising revenue online, where media companies have recouped only a small fraction of what they lost in print and where Web companies want to maximize their investments.
Even the top Internet companies -- save maybe Google Inc. -- are seeing revenue growth slowing as online audiences fragment. And they worry that, without steady access to high-quality content, they won't be able to attract enough viewers to keep growing fast.
At the same time, the barons of old-line newspapers and broadcast TV seem to have realized it's pointless to keep fighting the shift online, but they're still unsure how to embrace it. And they're struggling to attract new online users just to survive.
The flagging economy, slowing consumer spending and costlier capital on Wall Street will only add to any gloom and may prevent the summit, hosted for 25 years by investment banker Herb Allen, from living up to its reputation as an incubator for big deals.

For travel and meetings I'd wear something serious but stylish like this Oscar de la Renta suit. And, for lolling about by the pool this Oscar swimsuit would be perfect....complete with plumed hat of course. (Actually, I don't really like the swimsuit all that much...it's all about the hat!)

And the jewelry to complete the look, this diamond cuff bracelet and diamond earrings from Beladora.com.

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debby said...

Dear Belle de Ville,

After reading your bodacious bloggesphere I
feel like a complete out of touch schlembibble.
Now I know where to read something that is
enlightening, engaging and inspiring. In fact
I can incorporate it into my daily dribble and
actually feel sophisticated, bright and informed.

Wonderful! Just Wonderful. I learned more in
15 minutes and was more entertained that I have
ever been by the LA or NY Times.....perhaps
someone should enlighten Rupert ...Debby Carman

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