Sunday, July 6, 2008

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Dior Resort

Givenchy Fall or Audrey Hepburn Turning Over in Her Grave

Chanel Haute Couture or Ayyyy!

There is a lot of interesting commentary about fashion in the blogosphere but some of the best writing on the subject comes from Style Spy and The Thoughtful Dresser. Not only do I enjoy their posts, I enjoy reading the comments.

Style Spy recently posted on Resort Collections by Galliano and Diane von Furstenburg.

I do not envy the modern fashion designer. I mean, these people work like slaves anymore. Spring/Summer, Fall/Winter, Pre-Fall, Resort... it's just one continuous fashion show. When do they sleep? It's hard to believe they're not all cocaine addicts; hell, I need extra stimulants just to look at all the pictures from all the shows, let alone have to do all that designing.And yet, some of them manage to crank out show after show of wonderful stuff. Like my buddy John Galliano designing for Dior. Based on his last couple of resort collections, I wonder if this isn't Galliano's favorite season. He just seems to have so much FUN with resort. He's still very much working his retro, Palm Beach, Babe Paley thing, but I really thought a lot of the clothes were extremely wearable.

Linda Grant posted on the frightful Fall/Winter Collections by Givenchy and Chanel and links to an article from the Guardian on the Greatest Designer You've Never Heard Of. What I particularly liked (and agreed with) was this comment about Chanel.

- I've been thinking for quite some time that Lagerfeld has got to go. When was the last time you saw anything decent (by that I mean either visionary or wearable) coming out of Chanel, either couture or RTW? I have no evidence, but a grave suspicion that their revenue comes from perfume, handbags and the classic jackets sold to Japanese ladies. But they keep on using Lagerfeld's depressing designs. In my opinion he lost the plot years ago. When does his contract end? And for fans of the real Chanel this is even more poignant! I know for a fact that when YSL sold out his loyal ladies went over to Chanel. What I'd like to know is where do they go now?With regard to the Dior, in a way it's more acceptable or at least to be expected. Dior has never been synonymous with comfort or easy dressing, whereas Chanel was the epitome of it, which is why she was able to make such a great comeback at the end of the 1950s. How I weep for her (and us) now!
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Deja Pseu said...

I'd missed that comment about Chanel, but IMO it's spot on. I remember working in NYC in the 80s and seeing the well-to-do working women in Chanel, and associated the brand with wearable, elegant (if a bit prim-and-proper) styles. Now you go into the Rodeo Chanel boutique and it looks like an Ode to Harajuku. I mean, everything is so out there, so blingy or edgy, and I can't picture anyone who actually has to work wearing any of this. The classic bags, shoes, and clothes I associate with Chanel seem to be few and far between.

Belle de Ville said...

The more bling-y and unwearable Chanel clothes become, the more I can imagine Lagerfeld laughing his ass off. I've always felt that he was a serious misogynist, whereas I never felt that way about YSL.

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