Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Marathon Marital Sex or How To Get A Book Deal

I'm glad that I can always count on Glenn Reynolds to link to interesting articles that I would otherwise miss like this NY Times piece on two married couples who decided to enrich their marriages with daily sex....and then get book deals out of the experience.

One wife gave her husband a 40th birthday "gift" of daily sex for a year resulting in the book "365 Nights". The other couple stayed at it for 101 consecutive days and wrote the book "Just Do It" complete with details of what they used to stimulate sexual desire.

For some reason I can just envision...

Husband: (reclining on the couch watching TV)

Wife: (walks in front of the TV in a cheesy negligee from Victoria's Secret) Honey, it's time for your little gift now.

Husband: But Babe, I'm watching the Stanley Cup Finals and they just went into triple overtime!

Wife: Oh I'm sure you won't mind missing the game. You can always read about it in the paper tomorrow.

Husband: But Sweetie, you know that I strained my back unloading all those groceries from your car that you bought at Costco.

Wife: No worries, you just lie there and I'll get on top. You know how much I like it that way.

Husband: But Sugar, what about the kids, they might walk in on us.

Wife: Don't be silly, they're sound asleep. I gave them each a half of Valium and told them it was a special vitamin for happy dreams.

Husband: But Angel, you know I've got our biggest client coming in from Tokyo tomorrow for meetings and I've got to go over my presentation tonight.

Wife: Dammit....enough with the excuses. Just do it. You're getting your gift whether you want it or not! For God sake's I've got a book deal.......
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