Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Telling All and Telling Too Much

On the topic of blogging, Ms Robinson has an excellent post on the trend towards self indulgence in blogging as personified by Gawker's Emily Gould. As part of the My Space - Facebook generation she has had no self restraint in baring it all in her online life. Only now she realizes that what she puts out on the Internet will live in perpetuity. There is a line you don't cross about revealing intimate details about your personal life and she crossed it.

Of course tell all reports in print are nothing new. In the 19th Century George Sand wrote a thinly veiled account of her affair with the famous French poet Afred de Musset titled Elle et Lui. Then his brother Paul de Musset retaliated with the story from Musset's side titled Lui et Elle. The titillating tale when on when one of Musset's latter lovers, Louie Colbert published her account of Musset titled Lui.
So even an author of George Sand's talent felt the need to tell all. Emily Gould's silly self indulgent online scribblings won't have the lasting power of George Sand's oeuvre, but for right now, she's a pathetic joke of the blogosphere.

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