Monday, May 19, 2008

Sex in the City - The Cost of Being Carrie

With all the hype out there now about the new Sex in the City movie, Ms. Robinson's blog has discussed the great SITC conundrum aka The Cost of Being Carrie. How did the lead character Carrie, a 30 something year old magazine writer, afford a life of martinis and manolos in Manhattan. Seriously, this character had a new pair of $700 shoes in every scene.

"Ok let's say she makes about $100,000 a year.""No, no let's say "$150,000..maybe she was poached from her first paper?""Ok she buys at least two pairs of Choos or Blahnik's every week. That's around US $1400. $5,600 a month before the Gucci, Westwood and Oscar De La Renta clothes at around $3000 a throw.

Obviously Suspension of Disbelief is an important element in theater, film and tv. But to build an entire series around a vapid character whose shopping habits alone could bring a diagnosis of obsessive compulsive disorder, and now a film, well I can't suspend my disbelief enough to want to see it.

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