Sunday, May 11, 2008

Picturesque Pigna

Meanwhile, what's up on Mother's Day with my mere, Madame de Ville...and no her first name isn't Cruella. She's off, as usual gallivanting around Europe. After days of bad weather on the Spanish coast she's finally reached the sunshine of the picturesque little village of Pigna in Liguria Italy.
Happy Mother's Day Maman.
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Ms Robinson said...

Get her to bring back the olive oil.

Belle de Ville said...

Usually she brings back the most hideous and not inexpensive bohemian style jewelry that she buys at the open market in Ventimiglia. I just look at her with bewilderment because she knows that the last thing I need is jewelry....
Ms. R. check out from a couple of days ago for the link to the article about office affairs. It is begging for commentary by you.

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