Thursday, May 15, 2008

Karl, Nice Outfit!

First Karl Lagerfeld corralled all the local celebrities and celebutants for his Cruise Collection fashion show at the Barker Hanger at the Santa Monica Airport. Now WWD has reported that he's continuing with his Cruise Collection roadshow at the Raleigh Hotel in Miami.
Lagerfeld as usual surrounded himself with his regular retinue of sycophants including the very attractive Anna Mouglalis who had this to say about Miami.

Mouglalis, meanwhile, had just arrived from Paris earlier in the day, but already found the time for some R&R. “I took a good bath in the ocean, which is great,” Mouglalis said, adding that she couldn’t help but marvel at the Miami scene. “I love the contrast of the Art Deco buildings with the architecture the people here redesigned for themselves,” she mused. “There are so many fake faces, fake boobs and fake muscles.”

If she took such note of fake faces, fake boobs and fake muscles you would think that she would have a comment about Lagerfeld. Seriously Karl, is that a codpiece?
As the Manolo would say, AYYYY!
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